The Android notification area is a place to see information about missed calls, incoming email messages, music that’s currently playing, and all sorts of other information. If you happen to have a phone (or custom ROM) that supports it, you may also find shortcuts to toggle WiFi, GPS, airplane mode, and other features from the drop-down notification area.

But if your phone doesn’t offer those features from a drop-down menu, 1Tap Quick Bar does. It’s a free app available for download from the Google Play Store.

1Tap Quick Bar

In fact, even if your device does have its own quick launch bar, you might want to check out 1Tap anyway thanks to the many customization options it offers.

You can create a notification bar that gives you quick access to airplane mode, display brightness, or other settings. But you can also add shortcuts to frequently used apps to the bar, or to a contact from your address book.

1Tap Quick Bar also lets you tweak the design of your notification bars, tweaking the background, icons, text color, or other features.

The free app lets you create just one quickbar with up to 6 items. You can upgrade to a paid account if you want additional bars.

via Android Police

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  1. I just installed this because of this article. It works great and is very easy to use. Beware that not all apps like to be opened this way though. The latest version of Pocket Casts force closes every time, which bums me out because it was the only app I wanted 1tap for.

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