The Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the most exciting phones to launch this summer, thanks to a super-speedy quad-core processor, a high resolution 720 x 1280 pixel display and custom Samsung software including an eye-tracking feature that only lets your screen shut off when you’re not looking at it.

But if you’d rather run a custom ROM such as CyanogenMod on the S III, now you can — at least assuming you don’t have a Verizon model.

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The Verizon version of the Galaxy S III has proven a bit more hacker-resistant, but tools are available to unlock the bootloaders on the AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile variants.

And now the CyanogenMod team has added official nightly builds of CyanogenMod 9 for each model to its download page.

If you have an AT&T model you’ll want to download the d2att ROM. Sprint users can use the d2spr file, and T-Mobile users can grab the d2tmo version of CyanogenMod.

You can find instructions for installing ClockworkMod Recovery and using it to flash CM9 at the CyanogenMod Wiki.

While both CM9 and Samsung’s default software are based on Android 4.0, CyanogenMod provides an experience that’s closer to what you get straight from Google’s Android Open Source Project, along with performance tweaks, theme options, and a few custom apps.

via Android Police

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