The Dolphin web browser is taking a page out of the Google Chrome playbook with its latest release. Dolphin has offered a bookmark sync service for a while, but starting with Dolphin Browser 8.6 for Android you can also synchronize your history and open browser tabs across devices.

In other words, if you’re surfing the web on your tablet and need to switch to your phone, you can open the bookmark bar in Dolphin on your phone, tap the “Other Devices” button and see the tabs that were open on your tablet.

Dolphin Browser 8.6 sync

Dolphin Browser 8.6 also improves performance for pinch-to-zoom, Adobe Flash Player in fullscreen mode, and other features.

Unfortunately, the Dolphin team has confirmed that Adobe Flash performance is buggy on devices running Android 4.1 and later — but that’s because Adobe is dropping support for newer versions of Android and has little to do with this particular web browser.

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  1. On my android, I sync’d my bookmarks. How can I access them on my laptop? Even though I used my Google password to login to sync Dolphin bookmarks, the bookmarks are not in my Chrome bookmarks. I searched for a PC version of Dolphin – Dolphin for Windows – and found Dolphin3D, which seems to be by a company that has nothing to do with Dolphin. (Dolphin3D is made by Future Thought; in CNET’s list of software made by Future Thought, there is no mention of the Android app.) I would be equally happy to find the bookmarks integrated into my Firefox or Internet Explorer. How can I access my Dolphin bookmarks on my laptop? How can I access my laptop/cloud bookmarks on my android?

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