Has your Android 4.1 phone or tablet started to act funny? Google has introduced a new safe mode that may let you diagnose and repair the problem.

When your device is running in safe mode, Android disables all third party apps. Reboot your device and they should appear again.

Android 4.1 Safe Mode

In order to enter safe mode, press and hold the power button on your phone or tablet. When the power options menu pops up, don’t just tap the “Power Off button,” but press-and-hold it.

This will bring up a new menu that gives you the option of rebooting to safe mode.

The next time you reboot you’ll automatically return to regular mode unless you repeat these steps.

Android 4.1 Safe Mode

If you started to notice problems after installing a specific app, this provides an easy way to boot into safe mode and uninstall that app.

via Droid Life

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4 replies on “Google Android 4.1 includes “safe mode””

  1. Something like this is already available on the the HTC OneX on the stock rom. Boot the phone up and keep the vol down or up pressed (i think it was rather up) till fully booted. And you are in safe mode.

  2. Safe mode is present on my Atrix 4G 2.3.6 as well. It is by no means a feature exclusive to Jelly Bean.

  3. Aah, Android.
    Windows-like market share, Windows-like amounts of malware, and now Windows-like “safe mode” booting.

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