Up until recently the Google Play Store would show you a list of apps installed on your phone or tablet and a list of apps you’ve purchased, but which are not currently installed.

Now it shows you all the apps you’ve ever installed. Which is great if you’re very careful with the free apps you’ve installed on your phone. But it’s not so great if you’re the sort of person who tried out 3 or 4 calendar apps before settling on one, 6 different web browsers, and so on.

I’ve probably installed hundreds of free and paid apps, many of which aren’t currently on my device. That’s why MoDaCo’s Paul O’Brien’s new Play Legacy app caught my eye.

Play Legacy

Basically it’s a hacked version of the Google Play Store which functions the old way, showing just the uninstalled apps you’ve paid for.

Better yet, Play Legacy runs alongside the normal Play Store, so you can launch the Legacy app when you want to see just your paid apps, or the official Play Store for everything else.

You’ll need root access in order to install Play Legacy.

via Phandroid

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One reply on “Play Legacy: View just the Android apps you’ve paid for (again)”

  1. I just got a Nexus 7 a few days ago and I’ve already got about two dozen uninstalled apps, all of which I wanna get rid of from that app list. Problem is, I haven’t found any reason to root the Nex7 (first time ever for an Android device). Google need to let is manage our app lists!!

    Till then, I suppose I’ll install this on my rooted Galaxy Nexus.
    Thanks for the tip.

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