The Final Fantasy series of video games pretty much defined the fantasy role-playing video game genre starting with the first Final Fantasy game for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987.

Over the years the series has produced some of the best stories, game play, and graphics for Nintendo and Sony video game consoles, and there are several titles available for iOS as well. Now the Final Fantasy Series is finally coming to Android.

Final Fantasy III

A few weeks ago game developer Square Enix released Final Fantasy III for Android. This is a remake of the original game, with enhanced 3D graphics and a hefty-for-an-Android-app price of $15.99. But it also features touchscreen support and hours and hours of gameplay.

Now the original Final Fantasy NES game is also available for Android phones and tablets, for a lower price of $6.99. This game features updated graphics too — but not the same level of 3D graphics you get with Final Fantasy III for Android.

If you played these games years ago, it’s nice to have the option to relive your youth on your phone while waiting for the bus. If you’ve never tried the games, they’re probably some of the best RPG games available for Android — even if they are a little old at this point.

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3 replies on “Square Enix releases Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy III for Android”

  1. 15.99 is crazy expensive for FFIII. Especially on a device where emulators are readily available. Lower the price or have a sale and I’ll bite, but there is no way I’m spending that much on a game for my phone. FF at 6.99 is a much better deal.

  2. Is it just me or did the prices just go up?
    The original FF is $10.18 and FFIII is $17.81. Do the prices fluctuate based on foreign exchange (against Japanese Yen, I assume) or something??

  3. I have to agree $15 is more then I’d spend for it. But, I’m hoping Google Play gets “googlie” on it and puts it on sale in a month or two.

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