Once upon a time booting an Android phone or tablet into a custom recovery meant navigating through menus using the volume and power buttons. Nowadays TWRP, and even ClockworkMod support touch input on a number of devices.

But the latest version of TWRP takes things even further — adding an on-screen keyboard you can use to enter text while in recovery mode.

A custom recovery tool for Android lets you make a complete backup of your device, restore from earlier backups, load new firmware, erase all of your data, or do other things that can’t be accomplished while running Android.

TWRP 2.2

TWRP 2.2 includes a keyboard which looks a lot like the default Android 4.0 keyboard. You can use it to give your backup file a name before saving. Or you can use the TWRP file manager to rename files or folders.

The update also adds support for decrypting an encrypted data partition on a Galaxy Nexus by using the keyboard to enter a password.

The latest version of Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP), also lets you split backups into multiple files, which lets you backup or restore data partitions that are larger than 2GB.

You can find more details and screenshots in the changelog.

The easiest way to install TWRP 2.2 on your rooted phone or tablet is to install GooManager Beta from the Google Play Store. Then just hit the Menu button and choose the option to Install OpenRecoveryScript.

If there’s a version of TWRP 2.2 for your device, this should install it automatically in most cases. It’s also the simplest way to upgrade from an earlier version of TWRP.

There may be some devices that require a manual installation though, and you can find instructions for installing TWRP 2.2 at the TeamWin website.

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