Word Lens is an app that lets you translate text by scanning it with your phone. But what’s really cool about Word Lens is the way it translates text.

You can point your phone’s camera at a traffic sign, restaurant menu, or other object with written text, and the app will recognize the text, translate it into the language you choose, and replace the text in the original image.

In other words, point your phone at a sign, and watch as the letters rearrange themselves into a language you speak.

Word Lens

Word Lens has been available for iOS since 2010. Now the developers have released a version for Android.

The basic Word Lens Lite app is available as a free download from the Google Play Store. It’s a demo app that will erase or delete words to show how the app works.

The full app costs $4.99 and includes one language pack. Additional language packs also cost $4.99 (during the launch promotion, anyway).

Word Lens can convert text between English and Spanish, English and French, or English and Italian.

via Hacker News

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  1. Hopefully will Word Lens soon translate from more languages than spanish-english and french-english!

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