ClockworkMod Recovery is a utility that you can use with an Android phone or table to backup or restore your device, or flash (install) software updates or even new operating systems.

Now the developer has revealed a new feature that will be available in version 6.0: The ability to create an installable file based on your current firmware.

ClockworkMod 6

In other words, in addition to backing up all the data on your device so you can restore it, you can basically create your own custom ROM that you can share with friends or distribute over the internet.

Basically it backs up everything except your /data and /cache partitions, so your personal data won’t be shared. But if you’ve made modifications to the /system or /boot partitions that you’d like to share with other users, you can create an to share. This will let them update their own device with your settings by flashing the update through ClockworkMod — although you might want to recommend they also use ClockworkMod to make a backup first in case anything goes wrong.

Since the utility doesn’t backup the /data directory, if you want to include third party apps in your you’ll need to make sure they’re installed in the /system partition.

ClockworkMod Recovery 6 should be available for download soon.

via Droid Life

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