Motorola now lets you unlock the bootloader on selected phones and tablets using a Motorola tool. This lets you install a custom recovery utility or replace the firmware that came with your device with CyanogenMod or another custom ROM.

Motorola bootloader unlock

In order to unlock your Motorola device you’ll need to install the Google Android SDK, download drivers from Motorola, and sign a waiver acknowledging that you’re about to void your warranty — Motorola’s warranty is only good if you’re running software provided by the company on your device, not if you’re running custom firmware.

There are plenty of unofficial methods for unlocking bootloaders on a range of phones and tablets from Motorola and other companies. But it’s good to see companies offering an official path. HTC also provides bootloader unlocking tools for customers that don’t mind voiding their warranties.

For now the only Motorola devices that officially work with the new tools are the Photon Q and RAZR developer edition phones and the Motorola XOOM tablet (including the WiFi version and the Verizon model).

via Droid Life

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