There are a number of apps that let you remote control a PC from an Android phone or tablet. But TeamViewer has just released an app that does the opposite: It lets you remote control an Android phone or tablet from a PC.

This lets you offer tech support to an Android user on the go or view data remotely.

TeamViewer QuickSupport

Right now TeamViewer QuickSupport only works on certain supported devices from Samsung.

I tried installing it on a non-Samsung device, and received an error message letting me know I was using an unsupported device.

But if you do have a compatible phone or tablet, all you have to do is fire up the free TeamViewer QuickSupport app on your mobile device and send the TeamViewer ID that pops up to the person you want to share your device with.

Then they can run the free TeamViewer app for Windows, Mac, or Linux and enter your ID to take control.

thanks Lee!

Brad Linder

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One reply on “TeamViewer QuickSupport: Remote control a Samsung phone, tablet from a PC”

  1. Last time I used their mobile app, it did not have any LAN option. While I understand the vast majority of people would be using this sort of app over the internet, the option to use it only within LAN is sadly lacking. I planned to use it as, basically, a super nerdy remote for my HTPC. It worked exactly as described. It is just a shame it has to go via the internet instead of simply over my LAN. It was also rather juttery and slower than I would have liked, however it was usable, with a very small dose of patience.

    Being able to now control the other way. I can already see the benefits. I just may need to give them another try. As long as the SGS is compatible, of course.

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