There’s no shortage of web browser apps for Android. But Dolphin Browser has been around longer than most, and the developers say users have now installed Dolphin 50 million times.

In the early days of Dolphin, the browser stood out by offering tabs and support for add-ons. Those features aren’t unique anymore, but the new Dolphin Browser 9.0 has a nifty new feature – a Jetpack plugin which helps the browser get top scores in HTML5 performance tests.

Dolphin Browser 9.0

Theoretically the plugin doesn’t just help with benchmark results, but also with web pages that use HTML5. But the long and short of it is that the new browsers’s 480 score at is higher than the scores for any other desktop, tablet, or smartphone browser.

Second place goes to the BlackBerry 10 browser, which scores a 465. But that browser is still in development since there aren’t any BlackBerry 10 devices on the market yet.

The Jetpack plugin doesn’t support all Android devices yet, but you can find a list of supported products at the Dolphin website.

Dolphin also supports voice commands, gesture-based commands, bookmark and password sync, and many other features. The main reason I’ve been using it as my primary browser on Android devices is because of the excellent LastPass plugin which lets you use the online password management service with Dolphin.

Brad Linder

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