Mozilla and Opera have both released updates to their web browsers for Android phones and tablets today. Opera Mobile 12.1 and Firefox 16 are both available as free downloads from the Google Play Store.

Firefox 16 Reading Mode

The latest version of Firefox features a new Reader Mode which strips away images, sidebars, and other content and lets you just read a clean text version of whatever website you had been viewing. Just tap the book icon in the location bar after a web page has loaded to enter viewer mode.

Firefox 16 also offers performance improvements and the ability to use Firefox Sync to synchronize your tabs between your phone or tablet and other devices (including PCs running Firefox) through the share button.

Firefox for Android has come a long way in the last few releases. It now has a user interfaced designed from the ground up for mobile devices and it feels fast and responsive.

Opera Mobile 12.1


Opera Mobile was already pretty quick, but version 12.1 brings a new fraud protection system, better support for mobile sites, and improved handling of Adobe Flash.

Opera Mobile 12.1 includes support for the SPDY protocol for speedier communication with supported websites including Twitter, Google Search, and Gmail.

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  1. I have tried Firefox on my Android tablet but it did not work very well. I will give it another try to see if has been improved. My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.

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