Amazon Cloud Drive gives users 5GB of free online storage space for any files they’d care to store online. It’s also the backbone of the company’s Cloud Player app that lets you upload music to the cloud and stream it to any device with a web browser or Cloud Player app.

Now Amazon is launching another Cloud Drive app for Android, and this one’s aimed at photos.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos

You can use the free Cloud Drive Photos app to upload photos from your phone or tablet, or view picture you’ve already uploaded.

Amazon presents photos sorted by folder with thumbnail-icons and slideshow views. You can also share any photo through email, Facebook, Twitter, or other apps.

Photos have to be uploaded manually — you can’t automatically send all new pictures you snap with your phone to the cloud the way you can with Google+ or some other apps.

If you need more than 5GB of space you can pay $10 per year to get 20GB.

The Cloud Drive Photos app is available from the Amazon Appstore and the Google Play Store.


Brad Linder

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