Apollo is the default music player in CyanogenMod 10, a custom version of Android 4.1 which is available for dozens of phones and tablets. But now you can download and install Apollo on any device running Android 2.3 or later, whether you’re using CyanogenMod or not.

Two versions are now available from the Google Play Store. Apollo is a free, ad-supported music player, while Apollo+ offers an ad-free experience for 99 cents. If you’re running CyanogenMod you don’t need to pay a penny though, as the full app will continue to be packaged with the operating system.

Update: The app has been removed from the Play Store following a complaint about the technology used to display lyrics in the app.

Apollo music player

While Apollo doesn’t integrated with Google Play Music, which means you can’t stream music uploaded to Google’s servers, it has a ton of other features that make it a pretty strong alternative to Google’s official music app.

Apollo can automatically download album and artist app, offers several different widgets, can display lyrics, and has a very customizable user interface. You can control media playback from the lock screen or notification tray, create playlists by dragging and dropping, and set songs as ringtones.

The developers also plan to add concert info, a sleep timer, and other features in upcoming releases.

via Android Police


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  1. If you’re interested in this player, you should look at Hive Player, with tablet support and a similar scrollable widget as this player

    1. Yeah, this article was published several months ago and it’s a bit out of date. The app has been (at least temporarily) pulled due to an intellectual property issue with the song lyrics component.

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