Google has updated the Play Music app for Android, adding support for gapless playback, the ability to save your thumbs up, last add, and other playlist on your device, and more.

One of my favorite changes is that Google will now automatically create mixes for you based on the songs you’ve played the most.

Google Play Music instant mix

In order to check out the instant mixes, just fire up the Google Play Music app (version 4.4.811H or later) and go to the Recents tab. There should be a new instant mix hanging out with your album covers.

Google has offered an instant mix feature since the company first launched its music service. Normally you have to pick a song you want to start the mix from, and then Google will identify similar music to create a mix.

The new auto-generated mixes offer a more hands-off way to shuffle through your music without accidentally ending up with back-to-back playback of Bach and Beastie Boys.

Brad Linder

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  1. I’ve used Google Play Music, and it seems like one of the nicest music apps out there, but as long as my music collection remains as woefully mis- and un-tagged as it is, it’ll need a file & folder browser to make it my music player of choice.

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