Apple has included a Maps application with every iOS device since the original iPhone. Up until recently the mapping capabilities were powered by Google Maps, but when Apple released iOS 6 this year, the company severed the relationship with Google Maps, instead building an in-house mapping system.

That move’s been a bit controversial… with many users feeling like they’re acting as beta testers for a service that sometimes gives imperfect directions.

Now Google Maps is back — as a free app which you can download from the App Store.

Google Maps for iOS

The new Google Maps app includes maps and location data for 80 million different places including businesses and other spots you might want to travel to.

You can also use the new Maps app to get directions, or to talk you through the process of getting from here to there with turn-by-turn navigation featuring voice directions.

The new app can also show live traffic conditions and public transit details in supported locations.

Google is also releasing a new Maps SDK to let third party iOS app developers incorporate Google Maps.

The Google Maps app is currently available for iPhone and iPod touch models running iOS 5.1 or later. You’ll need a 4th-gen iPod touch or newer device. Maps are available for 40 countries.

Brad Linder

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