Samsung and Amazon have unveiled a new Kindle app developed specifically for Samsung smartphone and tablet users.

Kindle for Samsung is basically a custom version of the Kindle app Amazon already offers for all Android devices, but it includes a special perk called Samsung Book Deals, which lets users snag 12 free eBooks per year.

kindle for samsung

The app will be available for download from Samsung Apps, and should support all Samsung devices running Android 4.0 or later.

Every month users will be able to download a free eBook from a choice of 4 titles.

Aside from the Samsung Book Deals, the Kindle for Samsung app acts a lot like Amazon’s app for other platforms. Users can browse the Kindle store for over a million eBooks, download titles to read and keep bookmarks and last-read pages synchronized between devices (such as smartphones, tablets, and Kindle eReaders).

I doubt a few free eBooks per year will encourage anyone to choose a Samsung phone or tablet over the competition. But it’s certainly a nice perk for existing Samsung device owners — and it means Amazon Kindle owners aren’t the only ones who get extra perks from the Kindle Store (Kindle and Kindle Fire user can access Amazon’s Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and “borrow” up to one eBook per month).

via Samsung Tomorrow

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